Propane is integral for celebration!

The imagery one conjures when thinking of or preparing for celebrating the fourth of July is usually made up of a series of two categories; matches and fireworks, drinks and ice, chips and dip, buns and meat, chairs and lawns and BBQ grills and propane!  USA Today wrote, “On the Fourth of July alone, 150 million dogs get consumed – enough to stretch between L.A. and Washington, D.C., more than five times.”  That’s a lot of cooking!  With so much cookery happening, it is always important to cook your hot dogs in a safe manner! 

Inspect your cylinder.  Make sure that the bottom of your cylinders are free of any line corrosion, rust build up along the seam of the weld, the rust will deteriorate the integrity of the metal. If you notice line corrosion, do not use the cylinder.  

Propane Cylinder Excessive Rust 20 pound vapor cylinder. Common BBQ Tank.
20 pound vapor cylinder removed from service by Qualified Propane Professional. Reason – Excessive Rust underneath the shrink wrapped sleeve.

Another precautionary step to take is, spray your cylinder with soap and water or leak detection solution, if any of parts on the cylinder bubble,  then you have a leak! Do no use the cylinder.

Propane is a colorless and odorless gas, an odorant, currently ethyl mercaptan, is added to allow for its detection. Remember to use your nose. If you smell propane, you may have a leak. The smell resembles rotten eggs.

Anyway, may you enjoy your time with you family.  Happy Independence Day from all of us at Mutual Propane!