Merrilee Corder

LPG Projects Specialist & Procurement

Merrilee joined our team in 1984, initially working in accounting. Throughout her career at Mutual propane, she has held many different positions which vastly increased her knowledge of the propane industry.

While working as the dispatch supervisor, she availed herself to the parts department, and became proficient with each part and its relation to

various propane set-ups, equipment and installations. Merrilee made the jump to the service department where she is now responsible for ordering parts and equipment for field operations, tank set-ups and equipment repairs. She was later promoted to manage the parts department and procurement for Mutual Propane.

While being employed at Mutual Propane for 36 years, she has continued

her professional development by attending various professional training

seminars and received the CETP Certification on Basic Principles and Practices on propane safety and operations.

Merrilee specializes in custom projects, such as assembling specific hose and regulator requirements for various LPG liquid or vapor applications. Her priority is to provide the end user, our customer with the most cost-efficient and safe assembly for each propane project.

Mutual Propane carries a wide range of forklift parts, e.g.  Impco, MVF parts, flooring torches, camping equipment, roofing torches, catering setups, regulators, fittings, hoses, decals, and equipment for just about anything that operates on propane.

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