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Last year WPGA offered $20,000 in rebates. 40% of that money went to Mutual Propane customers. A total of $8,250 in rebates were mailed to Mutual Propane Customers.

16 Point Forklift Cylinder Inspection Free Estimates

Mutual Propane will inspect your forklift cylinders for wear and tear, unsafe conditions, DOT compliance, AQMD compliance, free of charge.


Propane Safety Poster

Mini Propane Poster - Includes information about Forklift Cylinders, including valves, Personal Protection Equipment, Propane First Aid Procedures, What to do in case of spill or leaks. Send us a message through our Contact Us page requesting a "Propane Safety Poster". We will gladly mail it out to you right away!


Propane Safety Workshop

Up to 1 hour power point , video, testing, certification & hands on training.

English or Spanish Available
Propane Safety Training Certificate

Required Cylinder Decals

Decals required to be displayed on DOT Cylinders.

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Forklift Safety Booklet English/Spanish

Industry best practices regarding filling, mounting and handling of propane tanks.


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