California’s Air Resources Board (CARB) is holding workshops aimed at eliminating propane forklifts in California and replace them with electric powered forklifts.

We all know the advantages of propane powered forklifts over electric forklifts.  Benefits include more power, pricing stability, length of service, re-fueling time, and propane powered forklifts are not subject to black-outs.

To learn more and to protect your right to use propane powered forklifts.

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We need your help to keep propane powered forklifts in California! Join the coalition today.

Protect My Propane Coalition

After you have joined the coalition, stay informed with current developments, scheduled workshops, and opportunities to provide feedback to the California Air Resources Board ( CARB). 

Share your Experiences with California Air Resources Board (CARB). Agencies need to hear from stakeholders in the real-world to help them make informed decisions.

CARB encourages public input to its regulatory and non-regulatory items worked on by CARB staff. CARB Workshops, etc., Public Comments are ultimatley presented to the Board ( CARB Board Meeting Public Comments).

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